The BioExpress® System is a comprehensive genome-wide gene expression database with histopathology, clinical chemistry, hematology, treatment, follow-up and many other clinical details for over 22,000 clinically-defined tissue, blood, and cell samples from human clinical studies and complementary animal models.

The BioExpress® System offers in a single platform, all of the phenotypic, clinical and experimental information which is coupled seamlessly with high-quality Affymetrix GeneChip® microarray data. Unique software analysis tools enable researchers to maximize the benefit of the BioExpress® System data to quickly reach powerful conclusions.

You can access the BioExpress® System through flexible subscription terms that take into account your specific needs. You can choose a full subscription to the entire BioExpress® System or select specific sample subsets relevant to your therapeutic area of research. In addition to accessing the human and animal tissues and cell line samples, subscriptions also include on-site training and use of the Genesis Enterprise System® Software for enterprise-wide, rigorous, open-ended data mining and analysis.

The BioExpress® System offers data sets in therapeutic areas that accelerate today’s most compelling research needs:

Oncology Suite

The BioExpress® Oncology Suite contains gene expression data from primary, metastatic, and benign tumor samples, and normal samples, including matched adjacent controls. The suite includes valuable hematological malignancy samples for many well-known cancers.


Inflammation Suite

The BioExpress® Inflammation Suite contains gene expression profiles for both autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Due to the complex nature of inflammatory processes, targeted diseases represented in the BioExpress® Inflammation Suite include a combination of human clinical samples, animal models of disease development, and cellular systems.


Cardiovascular Suite

The BioExpress® Cardiovascular Suite is a large-scale, comprehensive reference data set consisting of gene expression profiles, clinical annotations, and histopathology information derived from the analysis of our collection of human tissues and complementary animal models related to cardiac and vascular diseases…


Central Nervous System Suite

The BioExpress® Central Nervous System (CNS) Suite is a large scale, comprehensive reference data set consisting of gene expression profiles, clinical annotations, and pathological information data derived from our collection of high-quality, well-documented psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseased human brain tissues and complementary animal models.


Metabolic Suite

The BioExpress® Metabolic Disorders Suite contains gene expression profiles for Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndromes. The data set contains several well-defined case study experiments involving animal and cell models.


Human Atlas Suite

The BioExpress® Atlas Reference Data Suite is a genomic database containing gene expression information gathered from a broad range of exceptionally high-quality normal human, mouse, and rat tissues. The BioExpress® Atlas Reference Data Suite allows the rapid determination of tissue specificity and range of gene expression profiles for genes of interest across the most relevant normal human organs and tissues and control animal models.