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Ocimum Biosolutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer
We recruit, employ, train, compensate, and promote without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or disabilities.


Our Philosophy

Each employee plays an integral role in fulfilling our commitment to deliver total solutions to our customers. Employees and their abilities comprise our fundamental resource.

Our values reflect our philosophy:

  • To provide quality service to our customers
  • To get the job well done, whether it is a client or internal project
  • To provide a pleasant, stimulating work environment for all employees
  • To cultivate each employee’s professional growth and advancement within the company

Our Organizational Structure

We are a flat, networked organization, encouraging equal opportunities and openhearted approach towards people and new ideas. Our small, but well-knit teams foster cooperative and open relationships that ensure easy sharing of ideas and a healthy work culture. Innovative use of cutting-edge technologies combines with speed and flexibility in decision making to achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Innovation & Creativity Are in Our Genes

We understand technology, and strive to be better than the best. We look for innovative ways to create more useful and faster products for our customers. Everyday, we find to endless opportunities to improve not just our products, but all our processes as well. Our highly creative and innovative professionals make this possible.

Management By Objectives

At Ocimum Biosolutions, we follow the Management By Objectives (MBO) approach to increase organizational efficacy. Goals and subordinate objectives are aligned throughout the organization, and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound) Objectives formulated on a quarterly basis ensures continual improvement in personal as well as organizational performance.

United We Build!

Ours is a team-based culture, where all individuals work in coordination with their respective teams to produce the best results. Most teams are small and aim at reducing the margin of error, while promoting frequent communication, speed, flexibility, and a fluid development environment.

360 Degree Appraisal

Individual’s performance is evaluated not only by the management and superiors, but also by peers and subordinates. Apart from productivity and skills, this appraisal covers an individual’s soft skills, behavioral traits, attitude, etc.


TRADITION (Training and Development Initiative at Ocimum Biosolutions) is a program that helps employees achieve excellence in their respective fields (through training – internal and external, certification, and higher studies), as well as improve their leadership skills (by imparting training sessions and mentoring new employees). Every employee participates in this program, which is part of the review cycle.

We Appreciate… and Award

At Ocimum, new initiatives, sterling performance, and productivity never go unnoticed or unrewarded. Every three months, individuals compete for several awards, the regular ones being:

  • Ocimum Early Bird
  • Ocimum Whiz-kid
  • Ocimum Gold Coin

Someone To Care… For You

To make sure that new employees do not feel out-of-place, Ocimum Biosolutions has introduced a mentoring scheme. For the first three months at Ocimum, all new employees have mentors, who not only make them feel comfortable in the new environment, but also teach them the Ocimum Culture.

An Employee-Focused Workplace

Ocimum’s location and work environment are those of an ideal employee-focused workplace. Our Hyderabad operations are located in the Heart of the City and are easily commutable. A combination of ambient and task lighting for even and overall illumination, ergonomically positioned workstations that address the physical effects of spending long hours at the computer, and clean and safe work environment are provided to all employees.


Ocimum’s flexi working solutions extend to work hours. Flexi-timings aim at helping employees in balancing life and work.

Parties & Corporate Lunches

At Ocimum, we work hard and party hard. Ocimum has a fun activities committee “The Sunshine Committee” that plans corporate parties and events on a regular basis.


At Ocimum Biosolutions, we value our talented team and our compensation package reflects this. Our benefits are designed to be flexible in nature and far-reaching in scope.

Our India employee benefits package is comprehensive and competitive. It includes:

Health Insurance

Ocimum Biosolutions lays great emphasis on maintenance and improvement of the work environment and the overall well being of its employees. Apart from sick leaves, the benefit package at Ocimum Biosolutions includes a group Mediclaim policy, where the company pays 100% of the premiums for each employee. All employees may participate in this policy.

Time off and Vacation

Effective on the date of hire, all employees of Ocimum Biosolutions are eligible to 12 paid days off per year. Paid time off increases with length of service. In addition, employees are entitled to paid leaves in the event of marriage/maternity/paternity/demise in family. The company’s flexible working solutions can include unpaid time off, at the discretion of the management.

Training Incentive

All employees at Ocimum Biosolutions are encouraged to improve their performance and skills through training. Apart from promoting on-the-job learning, the company sponsors for job-related external training based on the employees’ performance, previous experience, and education.

All employees are encouraged to take up higher education to evolve themselves. In order to balance their work and education, all employees can avail 5 days paid time off annually for examinations.

Regular Performance Reviews

At Ocimum Biosolutions, pay hikes for all employees are based on performance reviews conducted annually.

Food Subsidies

All employees receive monthly food subsidies.