OciChip™ Microarrays

We offer complete solutions in microarray technology – from oligonucleotide design to data analysis. Based on technology acquired from MWG Biotech in 2005, we have the flexibility to produce a wide range of arrays, from catalog arrays covering 40,000 genes to custom arrays with as low as 25 individual genes, in extremely short lead times.


We at Ocimum Biosolutions believe in supplying you with a 100% reliable array technology that provides reproducible, easy-to-evaluate results. All our developments aim to make experimental procedure as simple as possible. They start with the general decision to go for oligonucleotide-based arrays only. This gives absolute control over the probe design and thus

  • is much more flexible
  • avoids contaminations
  • eliminates risk of cross-hybridization
  • reduces background signals
  • gives the highest reproducibility

For a comprehensive description on OciChip™ array design process please click here.

With our expertise in this technology, we have built a portfolio holding a number of catalog arrays and created custom arrays for researchers.


OciChip™ array design and production concept ensure the highest microarray quality.

Our microarray design and production process involves two steps:

First, sophisticated bioinformatics design chips of the highest specificity and sensitivity – an advantage customers of other chip manufacturers do not have.

Second, the calculated oligonucleotides are produced and purified with strict quality control procedures including MALDI-TOF MS. Huge production capacities, know-how and process automation guarantee high quality and fast service at affordable prices. Moreover, our microarray experts and their cooperation partners do functional validation of each of the catalog arrays. Of course, every individual batch of arrays is quality controlled extensively.