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Biotracker™ for BioAgri

Achieving higher yield(s) and conceiving even higher throughput in operations has always been the goal of the Crop Science and   Agri-Biotech companies world-wide. Increased throughputs calls for higher quality assurance, higher quality tracking to mitigate the risks and associated failure costs. In a dynamic vertical like that of the Crop Sciences, higher throughput alleviates the risk of ensuring sustainable success and hence, demands for an effective and in-detail tracking of aspects of the diverse process and workflows. Efficient tracking of in-detail information can be achieved through a robust Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) like the Biotracker™. Industry specific, Cost Effective, Ease-of-use, Flexibility, Ease-of-Implementation are few of those highly appreciated elements of the Biotracker™ that won this application a special place in Agri-Biotech implementations worldwide and better known as “Only Agri LIMS™”in the market.

Why Ocimum’s BioAgri LIMS™

  • Specifically conceptualized, designed and developed for Crop Sciences vertical.
  • Pre-configured and custom configurable Crop Science modules and work flows.
  • The only Agri LIMS in the market implemented in worlds largest Agri R