The BioExpress® Atlas Reference Data Suite is a genomic database containing gene expression information gathered from a broad range of exceptionally high-quality normal human, mouse, and rat tissues. The BioExpress® Atlas Reference Data Suite allows the rapid determination of tissue specificity and range of gene expression profiles for genes of interest across the most relevant normal human organs and tissues and control animal models. You are able to rapidly compare the distribution of expression profiles of specific genes across a set of normal tissues with dramatic savings in time and cost associated with sample collection, processing, and analysis.

The BioExpress® Atlas Reference Data Suite enables:

  • Unlimited gene expression queries across thousands of normal samples encompassing over 100 normal human organ and tissue types
  • Rapid screening and prioritization of potential therapeutic targets through their distribution patterns across normal tissues
  • Identification of gene expression patterns of candidate genes across an array of normal tissue samples, leveraging the value of proprietary sequence information and genomic technologies