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Quality Control and Assurance are the corner-stones of drug manufacturing industry. Maintenance of quality of material that goes into production of a commercial drug or active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is critical to the manufacturing process. To maintain high standards, quality is checked at each and every phase of production, right from raw material receipt, through intermediate phases of the manufacturing process, to the final product. This process requires extensive use of tests and protocols that determine QC of the material, prompt communication between various departments to minimize latency in the process and efficient management of resources to maximize output.

One of the major challenges in keeping up with the critical requirements identified and stringent regulations set by federal institutions for QA/QC processes in the industry, is maintenance and management of data generated during the process. Keeping manual track of the entire exhaustive process of quality testing on raw material lots, intermediate batches, in-process samples, final product, stability check of the final product, is daunting and highly error-prone.

Ocimum’s PharmaTracker is a Commercially-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution, designed to address these critical and growing needs, with built-in industry specific functionality and highly flexible and configurable options.

Why Ocimum’s PharmaTracker™

  • Streamline Quality Control process.
  • Move from paper-based system by automating all the laboratory processes.
  • Minimize transcription errors and achieve real time tracking of process status.
  • Enhance process efficiency and decision making ability.
  • Seamless and automatic communication between material stores, QA