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Ocimum Catalog Arrays and OligoSets
Based on MWG Biotech's proven technology and superior probe design

We offer one of the largest selections of catalog arrays you can find. This includes most comprehensive human arrays and covers most model organisms and many microorganisms.

What's more? Get discounts upto 50% on your purchases, using OciChip™ discount card.

Topic OciChip™

Inflammation OciChip™(Human/Mouse) - Working with these arrays you can rely on one of the most powerful tools in molecular inflammatory and pharmacogenomical research available today.

Human Cancer OciChip™ - This chip represents a wide range of cancer specific genes.

Also available is the Rat Liver OciChip™.

Model Organisms

Like our human arrays, this set of microarrays thoroughly covers genetic data available for model organisms. With Rat 10K OciChip™, customers additionally benefit from the proprietary genetic data available on these arrays established in MWG Biotech's sequencing lab.

All these organisms are also available as Ocimum Starter Kits.

Micro Organisms

This set of arrays gives insight into the genetic regulation of various microorganisms to help understand pathomechanisms of infectious diseases, to optimize growth conditions in fermentation processes, to improve production strains, etc.

Ocimum Starter Kits

Discover the advantage of starter arrays or kits to establish this exciting new technology in your lab without using expensive full genome arrays in the learning phase.

Ocimum OligoSets

All arrays are available as OligoSets. To help get you started with your own microarray production we have also developed Oligo Test Sets for many of them with a limited number of covered genes.

Topic OciChip™
Inflammation OciChip™(Human/Mouse)
Human Cancer OciChip™
Rat Liver OciChip™

Model Organisms
Rat 30K OciChip™
Mouse 30K V2 OciChip™
Zebrafish 14K OciChip™
Arabidopsis 25K OciChip™

Micro Organisms
E. coli K12 OciChip™
E. coli 0157 OciChip™
H. pylori OciChip™
Yeast OciChip™
S. pneumoniae OciChip™
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